Chilly Gonzales und Jarvis Cocker
Room 29

Blackfield (Aviv Geffen & Steven Wilson)
Blackfield V

Jeff Beck
Loud Hailer

The Divine Comedy

Daniel Hope
Escape to Paradise

Daniel Hope

Jonathan Rudess

Animals As Leaders
The Joy Of Motion

Valentyne Suite

Jack Bruce
Harmony Row

Spooky Tooth
Spooky Two


Richie Havens
Nobody Left to Crown

Dimitri Schostakowitsch, Mariss Jansons
Sinfonien 1-15

Moondog & the London Saxophoni
Sax Pax for a Sax

GBlog&read - Nutzen Sie die Hinweise zur Orientierung und kaufen Sie dann beim Buchhändler um die Ecke

Christoph Ransmayr:
Cox oder Der Lauf der Zeit

Heinrich Detering
Die Stimmen aus der Unterwelt

Steffen Kopetzky

José Saramago

Eva Menasse

Roberto Bolaño

Tschingis Aitmatow
Der erste Lehrer

Uwe Timm

Leonardo Padura
Adiós Hemingway

Antonio Skarmeta
Mit brennender Geduld

Jose Saramago
Die Stadt der Blinden

Edgar Hilsenrath
Nacht: Roman

Rolf Dubs

Ron Ritchhart
Making Thinking Visible

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Ganz großes Ohrenkin0: Neue Alben von Ray Davies, Procol Harum (und re: Deep Purple)

Dieser April ist ein großer Monat der Rockmusik!

Procol Harum – Novum (2017)
April 21, 2017

Fifty years after “Whiter Shade of Pale” introduced the concept of progressive rock, Procol Harum roll on, even with singer and pianist Gary Brooker as the only remaining original member.
Novum is their first new studio album in 14 years. Their last, 2003’s The Well’s on Fire, marked the end of the decades-long writing partnership between Brooker and lyricist Keith Reid. Organist Matthew Fisher and drummer Mark Brzezicki left shortly thereafter. Brooker still had guitarist Geoff Whitehorn and bassist Matt Pegg. They recruited organist Josh Phillips and drummer Greg Dunn. This version has been together for a decade.
Novum is a worthy 50th anniversary offering (though it’s not, as Brooker claims, Procol’s finest). This is the sound of a working band, not a tired reunion project. Brooker enlisted lyricist Pete Brown — known for his work with Cream and Graham Bond — and in an unusual move, brought the entire band into the songwriting process. What’s on offer here is the most rocking sound Procol Harum have delivered since Broken Barricades. There is only one overtly “classical” moment here, and it’s a send up — there’s a direct quote from Pachelbel’s Canon as a brief intro to the wonderful “Sunday Morning.” Some truly perverse lyric moments are expertly crafted into well-composed songs (would we expect anything less?). Opener “I Told on You” is a forceful prog rocker about professional jealousy, bitterness, and retribution. Its bridge and chorus are classic Brooker (think Home and Grand Hotel). “Last Chance Motel” is a strange and ironic take on the murder ballad that recalls the musical structure of early Elton John and Bernie Taupin tunes. It’s among the many vehicles here for Brooker’s voice, which remains as resonant and expressive as ever — there’s the hint of graininess in it, but his power remains undiminished by time. There are also some atypical, straight-on political swipes at hyper-capitalism, too, as on the bluesy “Soldier” and the meld of mean rock and Baroque pop in “Businessman.” “Don’t Get Caught” commences as a ballad with Brooker’s trademark nearly sepulchral singing, but becomes an anthem offering sage advice for guilt-free living atop blazing guitars and swelling strings. One might hear traces of Queen’s extended sense of vocal harmony in the rowdy chorus of the loopy “Neighbor,” but Brian May himself would admit that Queen snagged it from Procol Harum in the first place. “Can’t Say That” is an angry number and it rocks hard: Brooker’s signature piano style runs up hard against Whitehorn’s electric blues guitar vamps (think the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues”) with a killer Pegg bassline. “The Only One” offers Brooker at his most confessional and melancholy, as he builds himself up and lets himself glide down the poignant lyric.

Novum is far better than anyone had any right to expect: It’s energetic, hungry, and swaggering. That said, it retains the trademark class and musical sophistication that makes Procol Harum iconic. (Quelle nicht wiedergefunden; vgl. auch Gary Brooker of Procol Harum Discusses First New Album in 14 Years - Billboard 4/20/2017)
+ Carl Wiser (SongFacts): Did you write the song "Sunday Morning" on Novum?
Pete Brown: Yes....

View on YouTube

Ray Davies - Americana (2017)
April 19, 2017

Americana was written, conceived, and arranged, by Davies, and co-produced with Guy Massey and John Jackson. The album is an autobiographical work, chronicling the inextricable role America has played in Davies’ life. From his earliest days touring the U.S. with the Kinks and subsequent blacklisting by the American Musicians Union, to his years playing stadiums and eventually settling in New York and New Orleans for a time, America has served as both muse and tempest to Davies.
No matter where he dwells, Davies remains an outsider, and that alienation unites Americana’s jumble of eras and places. On “Poetry,” he kneels in gratitude at the local KFC for the abundance that corporations bestow upon us. This is Davies in Dylan mode, hyperbolic but as dazzling with prosaic details as his student Jarvis Cocker. And unlike his previous post-Kinks cohorts, the Jayhawks steer clear of Nashville gloss while conjuring the appropriate C&W-tinged folk-rock fare. Keyboardist Karen Grotberg even duets with Davies on “Message from the Road,” evoking the tumbleweed kitsch of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood while still pulling heartstrings.

Preceded by a quote from the book about his New Orleans neighbor, the late Alex Chilton, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Cowboys” provides the other poignant highlight. It’s a eulogy for rock’s rebels as well the music itself that’s delivered as a bittersweet bluegrass waltz, and it extends a metaphor of the formerly outlaw genre as a vanquished frontier. “Your time’s passed, now everyone asks for your version of history,” he mournfully croons. “Do you live in a dream, or do you live in reality?” He poses the question without answering it himself; there’s no need. (Pitchfork April 18 2017)

View on YouTube

Deep Purple - inFinite (2017)
7. April 2017

Je öfter ich das höre (und ansehe: tolles Video!), desto besser wird es
View on YouTube

Die GBlogSuche nach »Procol Harum« hat 5 Resultate geliefert; - die Suche nach »Ray Davies« hat 35 Resultate geliefert.

Road Movie Project (II): Headmaster's Delight goes Worpswede to meet John Mayall

Morgen Abend in der Music Hall Worpswede. Das Konzert ist ausverkauft, aber wir werden da sein!

Road Movie Project (I): Headmaster's Delight went to Cologne to join Jeff Beck
Der Meister : Jeff Beck in Köln - Scared for the children

Vgl. Archäologie (CDXXXV): John Mayall

'People fall in love with an illusion, something that’s never existed' (Jarvis Cocker)

For his first album in eight years, the former Pulp frontman was inspired by legendary LA hotel, Chateau Marmont. He discusses his fascination with Hollywood, his fears for France - and his desire to retreat (theguardian, 12.03.17)

View on YouTube

Room 29
von Jarvis Cocker und Chilly Gonzales
Vorgestellt von Juliane Reil (NDRkultur)

GBlog: Music Masterclass: Chilly Gonzales

'Perhaps everyone exists half in somebody else’s imagination. No one is totally human. We are all facets of someone else’s internalization. Visions of what they want us to be.' (Sir Raymond Douglas Davies)

Amazing Imelda is back: LIFE. LOVE. FLESH. BLOOD

View on YouTube

Wieder dabei: Der Meister!
Imelda May - Black Tears - ft. Jeff Beck

View on YouTube

Sinéad O'Connor & Imelda May - Every Night About This Time

Die GBlogSuche nach »Amazing Imelda« hat Resultate geliefert.

The Times They Are A-Changing Back - Diesseits und jenseits der Mauern

I wrote these lyrics within half an hour of seeing Donald Trump's inaugural speech last Friday evening and played it in Salisbury that night. With apologies to Bob Dylan ... Billy Bragg (23.01.2017)

View on YouTube

- Via the fevered imagination of exilestreet
+ Via Martin Sonneborn@facebook:

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+ Reagan at Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin, Germany. June 12, 1987.
"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

View on YouTube

+ Jenseits der Mauern | Yanis Varoufakis |FREITAG 26.01.2017 |
    Der Westen ist heute vom Aufeinanderprallen zweier Aufstandsbewegungen geprägt. Die Linken dies und jenseits des Atlantiks stehen am Rand und verstehen nicht, was sich da vor ihren Augen abspielt und mit der Amtseinführung Donald Trumps seinen vorläufigen Höhepunkt erreicht hat.

    Eine dieser Revolten ist bereits bis zum Erbrechen analysiert worden. Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen und deren nationale Internationale hat schon genügend Aufmerksamkeit dafür erhalten, dass es ihr gelungen ist, den Menschen weiszumachen, es gehe um Nationalstaaten, Grenzen, Bürger und Bevölkerungsgruppen.

    Der andere Aufstand jedoch, der den Aufstieg dieser internationalen Nationalen überhaupt erst möglich machte, ist unterdessen im Verborgenen geblieben: der technokratische Aufstand der globalen Eliten, dessen Ziel es ist, um jeden Preis die Kontrolle zu behalten. „Project Fear“ in Großbritannien, die Troika in Kontinentaleuropa und die unselige Allianz von Wall Street, Silicon Valley und dem Überwachungsapparat in den USA sind seine Manifestationen...
= Lesenswerte Analyse.
+ Mehrheit sagt, das System funktioniert nicht mehr | Florian Rötzer | Telepolis 25. Januar 2017 |
    ... Nur 15 Prozent der Bevölkerung in den 28 Ländern würden noch sagen, dass das gegenwärtige System noch funktioniert. Für 53 Prozent ist das nicht mehr der Fall, 32 Prozent sind sich unsicher. Mehr als Zweidrittel der Befragten in Frankreich, Spanien, Italien, Mexiko und Südafrika stimmen der Aussage zu, dass das System nicht mehr funktioniert. Weit davon entfernt sind die Deutschen mit 62 Prozent nicht, in den USA sagen dies nur 57 Prozent. In Russland sagen dies nur 48 Prozent, in China 23 und in den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten gar nur 19 Prozent, was natürlich auch mit dem Verhältnis zu Autoritäten zu tun haben wird. Auch fast die Hälfte der Menschen mit einer Universitätsausbildung im oberen Einkommensviertel würden dem System nicht mehr trauen. Und Dreiviertel aller Befragten sagen, dass das System den Reichen und Mächtigen zugutekommt....

--> Keine Panik, - aber Die Atomkriegsuhr wurde heute auf zweieinhalb Minuten vor 12 gestellt. Diese "doomsday clock" soll der Weltöffentlichkeit verdeutlichen, wie groß das derzeitige Risiko einer globalen Katastrophe, insbesondere eines Atomkrieges, ist.
Nur im Jahr 1953 haben Wissenschaftler die Welt noch näher am Abgrund gesehen.

Mehr dazu hier im 2017 Doomsday Clock Statement des Science and Security Board of the Atomic Scientists

Ray Davies Teams Up With The Jayhawks On 'Poetry'

For more than 50 years, the recently knighted Sir Raymond Douglas Davies, CBE, has been fascinated with American music and American culture. In the early 1960s, he and his brother Dave formed The Kinks to play Little Richard songs and original tunes steeped in rock 'n' roll. All these years later, Ray Davies is still making music and still fascinated with our culture, although the new song that we're premiering for you today, recorded with The Jayhawks, looks at a sadder, less soul-filled America.
"Poetry" is the first glimpse of his next album, Americana, his first record in nearly a decade. (Hear The First Single From His New Album, 'Americana'; NPR January 23, 2017)

TTvGB: Blackfield V ... "a bit dark and a bit proggy"

Aviv Geffen / Blackfield / Interview

Reinhören: Blackfield - Blackfield V FULL ALBUM - Buy this album to support the artist. Thats the right thing to do !!

... "a bit dark and a bit proggy" - I love it!

TTvA: Oft Gefragt

View on YouTube

Von Straßenmusikern zu Klickwundern: AnnenMayKantereit - erstaunlich: 9.936.451 Aufrufe !!!!!!

Ganz offensichtlich auch Erben der Scherben - und erinnert schwer an Nils Koppruch & Gisbert zu Knyphausen
Ich erinnere immer gern an Kirschen (wenn Der Sommer Kommt)

TTvB: Radio Garden

Toller Tipp von Burks: Unzählige Radiostationen der Welt live hören!

Wenn Sie was Bestimmtes suchen, brauchen Sie allerdings geographisches Basiswissen!

New band of the week: Pavo Pavo - Young Narrator In The Breakers

New band of the week: Pavo Pavo

Wise Man Says

"Es gibt so viele Arschloch-Typen wie es menschliche Funktionen, Tätigkeiten und Interessengebiete gibt. Und auf jedem Gebiet kann das Verhältnis von AQ zu IQ ein anderes sein. Kein noch so kopfdenkerisches Verhalten bei einem Thema bietet Gewähr dafür, dass nicht schon beim nächsten der Arschdenk mit voller Wucht einsetzt." Charles Lewinsky, Der A-Quotient

Wise Man Says II

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." Frank Zappa


The music featured on this blog is, of course, for evaluation and promotion purposes only. If you like what you hear then go out and try and buy the original recordings or go to a concert... or give money to a down on his luck musician, or sponsor a good busker, it may be the start of something beautiful. If your music is on this blog and you wish it removed, tell us and it shall be removed.


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